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Our History

The Cogwheel Clinic opened its doors in 2015. The founder, Dr. Daniela Ferdico, felt there was something missing in the field of Neurodevelopment, and wanted to create a place for families to come that needed comprehensive care. While most clinics mold their services around what insurance will pay for, we feel strongly that the assessment and treatment of children is critical and should always include what is in the best interest of the child. Our comprehensive approach allows for unique services often not available in other clinics, such as Case Management, Nutrition, Naturopathy, and a variety of treatment options to suit your child.

The Cogwheel Clinic was founded by a Neuropsychologist with training and education in how behavior and cognition interact. This allows our clinic to have a unique approach in how we treat our clients, including cognition, behavior, emotional states and diet.

Building Trust

Trust is critical, and our aim is to not just treat the child, but the whole family. We promise to not just hand you a diagnosis and a piece of paper with referrals; we will hold your hand through the process of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Our Family Specialist will check in with you frequently to see how treatment is progressing, if further treatment is needed, and to make any adjustments.

We know not every family can afford to pay now and be reimbursed later by insurance, and continuously work on offering grants to families in need. For more information, please check out Ben's fund at FEAT

Improving Lives

Dr. Ferdico's goal is to assist your family in helping your child reach their potential and beyond. Whether your goal is to mainstream a child that currently needs special services, to identify problem behaviors and helpful therapies, or to turn your child into the superhero they deserve to be, we are here to help. We offer screening, diagnosis and treatment so that you can get all your needs met in one place.

Meet Cogwheel Clinic's Founder:


dr. daniela ferdico