Naturopathic Medicine at Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment

We are excited to announce that Dr Bethany Glynn is joining Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment!  Nutrition and overall physical health is often put on the back burner with children on the Autism Spectrum, yet at Cogwheel we firmly believe that that treatment of the whole child leads to the most efficient progress in all aspects of a child’s health, behavior and prognosis.  Dr. Glynn will be offering the following services at Cogwheel Clinic:

– Nutritional literacy
– Cooking with Whole Foods
– Chemical-Free Cooking
– Gluten and Casein Free Education
– Food Intolerance Testing
– Sleep Intervention
– Supplement and Lifestyle Recommendations
– Medicinal Guidance, both herbal and other
– Natural Detoxing
– Genetic Testing, including MTHFR

In addition to the above 1:1 services, Dr. Glynn will be offering monthly  classes on subjects such as creating a Naturopathic Medicine Cabinet and Individualized Medicine through Genetic Testing

Naturopath Bellevue Cogwheel Clinic  Dr. Glynn is a Seattle native specializing in naturopathic family medicine, and especially enjoys helping adults, children and teens living with autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, and ADHD. While she offers regular wellness
visits for people of all ages and abilities, Dr. Glynn loves working with families on the more difficult aspects of daily life, like behavioral struggles, attention span, insomnia and sleep issues, and healthy eating. Dr. Glynn uses
mostly step-by-step nutritional changes, nutrient therapy, homeopathy, behavioral and emotional counseling, and biofeedback to help her patients build on their strengths rather than focus on weaknesses. It is Dr. Glynn’s
philosophy that happiness is as necessary as health; she approaches physical and mental health as a team endeavor with patients, finding the perfect balance between achievability and sustainable change. Dr. Glynn believes
wholeheartedly in empowering individuals and families to rediscover their health, and she finds that in doing so they are able to enjoy their lives in a deeper and more fulfilling way.

  Dr. Bethany Glynn‘s education in Bastyr University’s Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program gave her the best of both worlds in regards to medicine; she is able to provide for her patients the innovations of modern
science  strengthened by the wisdom of traditional healing. While in the program, Dr. Glynn completed supplementary specialty shifts in biofeedback, craniosacral therapy, nutritional modification, health education,
ASD/ADHD, counseling, homeopathy, and pediatric medicine. Dr. Glynn went on to become certified in Advanced Pediatric Therapeutics from Boucher Institute of Natural Medicine in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Glynn’s experience in the fields of disability and rehabilitative medicine make her uniquely qualified to approach all facets of family medicine with a positive attitude and an open mind. During her time in Recreational Therapy, Dr. Glynn worked at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Spokane, with Patch Adams M.D. at his Gesundheit Institute, as a coach for junior Paralympic wheelchair sports competitors, and as a certified YogaFit yoga instructor for kids and adults. 

In her spare time, Dr. Glynn loves creative projects at home, adventuring with her husband in their camper, and keeping up with her active blog on nutrition at DrGlynnMedicineWoman.com.