Current Class Offerings for January 2017

Social Skills/Therapeutic Gaming

Social Mining is one of our favorite classes here at Cogwheel; it was designed by Dr. Daniela Ferdico and our Therapeutic Gaming Specialist Matthew Cech. Therapeutic gaming is a wonderful way to connect with kids on the spectrum that often resist the idea of sitting in a circle and “talking” about social skills. To connect with them in a way they are most comfortable, our Psychology Team works with our therapeutic Gaming specialist to combine a social Skills curriculum into the area of Minecraft.  Our Gaming specialist then builds specific worlds on our private Minecraft server, allowing the kids not only a safe virtual space to play, but also to be guided through specific tasks that encourage team work, initiation of conversation, planning ahead and crisis management.  Time is spent both ‘playing’ and talking with  computers off.  These kiddos run into the clinic every Wednesday!









Snack Pack – Food Groups

Do you have a picky eater?  Is your kiddo averse to certain textures or tastes? Are there very few foods your child will eat?
Is your child weary about new foods?  Many children have food difficulties, especially kiddos on the Autism Spectrum.  Our “Snack Pack” group encourages kids to try new foods in fun and safe ways, as well as to  be encouraged by one another through Peer Modeling.

Feeding Group

Find out more by calling the clinic at 425.748.7000.  Looking for our Social Skills Classes? Click here:

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