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What a great blog post highlighting Autism and social skills. It ties in perfectly with our SuperFlex program that we are offering this summer!

“Often children with ASD are able to state social rules when asked, but have difficulty APPLYING the rules or explaining the reasoning behind rules.

Explanations provide children with the reasoning behind the rules; making it easier for children to know when and why to do…or not do, certain things.
Like other forms of learning, social understanding requires understanding a rule or concept, the exceptions to the rule, AND application of the rule in different settings.
Here are some examples:

Rule ——> Reasoning
No running in stores——- >You can break things or bump into people.
Use your napkin instead of your shirt to wipe your hands ——->If you wipe your hand on your shirt, it will make you look messy, and others may react in a negative way.
Think about what you say before you say it ———>It will help you predict whether the response from the other person will be positive or negative.

Extending the learning

“What if” questions can expand social understanding. For example, “Could you run…if you were at (a restaurant), (a library), (a playground), (the beach)”? Why?”

For more on this article by Ronda Whitaker, MS, click on the article link

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