ADHD Strategies: Nutrition

ADHD nutrition

What a great post that sheds light on the importance of nutrition in the lives of those affected by ADHD!

Here is an excerpt, for the whole article please go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-bertin-md/mindful-eating-adhd-and-n_b_7257190.html

Menu B: Nutritional Guidelines for ADHD

Here are Dr. Olivardia’s recommendations for people with ADHD for common nutritional issues:

Eat breakfast. Like the patient Dr. Olivardia described, many people with ADHD skip breakfast due to oversleeping and rushing. Hours later, they end up painfully hungry and grab whatever is nearby. Value breakfast, set yourself reminders about it, and plan ahead.

Get plenty of protein in your diet. Protein fuels your body for longer periods of time. There is even some suggestion that healthy, high-protein breakfasts help ease daytime ADHD symptoms. Avoid too much sugar and junk food, which tend to affect mood and exacerbate a cycle of increasing hunger over the day.

Eat throughout the day. Many people skip meals due to hyperfocus and losing track of time. This sets their body up to hold onto fat and increases cravings for fat and sugar. Extreme hunger also leads to impulsive decision-making. Again, set alarms if needed, and during breaks consider a healthy snack.

Work towards getting adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers our body’s ability to burn fat. It also exacerbates ADHD and stress, and undermines our ability to stick to plans.

Most of all, get support.  Share tips and strategies with an ADHD buddy or a professional familiar with the field who understands how establishing a pattern of healthy eating can be hard.