Sensory games don’t have to be messy

Like any Occupational Therapist worth their salt in this digital age, I follow quite a few OT blogs. I like to keep up on the latest DIY projects to offer parents a way to replicate some of the activities that their child engages in while at the clinic. The most recent projects that have been popping on my various news feeds have been DIY Sensory Walks. This involves acquiring a variety of textured items and creating a walkway. This picture (found on Pinterest), is a great example of how everyday items can be turned into a sensory storm! This type of sensory input can be done with hands or feet and is a great way to encourage exploration. One of the most fun ways to receive sensory input is to create “Sensory Twister”. This was discovered on theinspiredtreehouse.com and is a great example of how to make sensory play fun without the mess! If you want to learn more, contact Cogwheel Clinic today! Email us at contact@cogwheelclinic.com or give us a call at (425)-748-7000.