Did you know that “language” is different from “speech”?

If you or your child visit a speech-language pathologist, the differences between receiving “speech” therapy or “language” therapy can get confusing.  Speech is a verbal way of communicating, and depends on how we make sounds in patterns that are understood by those around us.  Language is made up of a socially shared code of rules that include how words go together grammatically, what words mean, how to make new words (pre+test=pretest), and how to use communication socially. If you want to learn more or inquire about our speech and language therapy services, contact Cogwheel Clinic today! Reach us by email at contact@cogwheelclinic.com or by phone at (425)-748-7000



Why categories are so important

Knowing a dog is an animal is a vital skill, but it can be difficult to access this information for those with a language impairment.  Categories are important for remembering linguistic information and organizing it in our brains.  The ability to categorize is developmental, but you can work on this important language skill with your child at home.  Try sorting items in your house and/or toys into different categories like “animals” or “food”.  Once items are sorted, talk about how you can divide them into smaller categories like “birds” or “fruit”.  Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Cogwheel Clinic today! You can reach us by email at contact@cogwheelclinic.com or give us a call at (425)-748-7000.

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