Should you scold your child?

It is an automatic human reaction to tell a child they are doing something wrong or bad, while the child is doing it. This is usually seen in the form of “stop doing that”, “quit it”, and “I told you not to”. This is a general reaction we all have to seeing something we do not want our children to do. However, some children purposely engage in this behavior to get a reaction out of you. This would be an example of a child maintained by attention. Their behaviors are reinforced by receiving a response out of you (i.e., they are getting what they want). This is not the case of every child and even every behavior shown by one child. It is something that you should just be mindful of the next time you go to scold you child. Instead try to praise them for any appropriate behavior you see them doing them. By flooding them with constant attention it reduces their want for your attention. For more information, email us at contact@cogwheelclinic.com, or give us a call at (425)-748-700

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