It is important for everyone to have a voice

For communicators who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication, speech output is typically either prerecorded or fed through a voice synthesizer that sometimes sounds generic.  However, pioneers at “VocaliD” are using speech science technology and the power of crowdsourcing to help shape vocal identities and evolve digital voices.  Want to donate the qualities of your voice to the “Voicebank”? All you need is a computer with internet connection and a built in microphone, then head on over to www.vocalid.co/voicebank . Want to learn more? Contact Cogwheel Clinic today! Reach us by email at contact@cogwheelclinic.com or by phone at (425)-748-7000.

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Help protect your child’s hearing!

We hear thanks to tiny “hair cells” that live inside the cochlea, or the snail-shaped organ beyond the eardrum.  Hair cells can be damaged by exposure to loud noises and don’t grow back.  The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association cautions that sounds louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss.  However, some iPods and other MP3 players can produce sound upwards of 110 decibels!  Protect your child’s hearing by avoiding loud noise whenever possible and using earplugs/earmuffs when loud noise is unavoidable.  If you can’t hear someone clearly three feet away from you…it’s too loud!

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