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Cogwheel Coffee Club

February 6 - March 13th, 2019
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm

This is an opportunity for our teenagers with pragmatic language impairment, social anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and/or related social and emotional challenges, to stregthen and expand social experiences in a less structured, more naturalistic setting.

This interactive social group will meet for 6 weeks on Wednesday afternoons at one of our favorite local caf├ęs in Bellevue, Washington, where teens will connect over delicious pastries, snacks, and drinks. Goals will be naturally embedded into the social experience, and may include: initiating conversation, joining/entering into a group conversation, assessing listeners' interests, sharing conversation control (reciprocity, talking about less preferred topics), social politeness (using a "social fake"), and developing friendships. Clients will also have a supportive opportunity to practice important life skills for increasing independence, such as ordering food and drinks and managing money.

Please contact Robin Goldberg, MA, CCC-SLP or Jamie Frank, OTR/L at the Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment for additional information and registration.

Phone: 425.748.7000

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