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Diagnostic Assessments

at Cogwheel Clinic


A Diagnostic Assessment at The Cogwheel Clinic helps identify the causes of a child's developmental delays and learning disabilities by evaluating the child's cognitive functioning, how they move through and interact with their environment and learning functionality. By evaluating a child's abilities and unique learning style, we can create and advocate for therapeutic, medical and educational services needed for your child to reach his or her full potential for success, both in school and throughout life.

Dr. Daniela Ferdico, the founder and director at the Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment, first started her career as a Neuropsychologist at the University of Washington Medical Center in 1999. Her strengths lie in being able to assess each child with their unique abilities, to see through the developmental challenges the child is struggling with and see the abilities and potentials that lie beneath. As a Neuropsychologist she sees the importance of utilizing Neuropsychological testing to get objective answers about pediatric cognitive functioning, and how assessing a child's neuromotor, speech and language, behavior, diet and sensory integration can give us the whole picture about why your child is struggling.

With the information obtained from our comprehensive assessments, recommendations can be made to optimize your child’s neurodevelopmental treatment and progress. A comprehensive assessment is key to developing an appropriate therapeutic program and identifying the trained professionals who are needed to implement that program.

Some of the Neurodevelopmental Disorders we see at the Cogwheel Clinic include:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Speech and Language Disorders
  • Comorbid Behavior Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • Neurofibromatosis - Type 1 (NF-1)
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Mitochondrial Disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Down Syndrome


We offer both screening and full assessments for children 6 months through 17 years of age.