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Educational Placement Assessment

at Cogwheel Clinic

Educational testing is suited to parents looking to learn more about their child's learning style or need an IQ test for entrance into local schools such as Open Window School, Seattle Country Day or the Evergreen School. We have a variety of cognitive assessments available:

IQ School Testing

As mentioned, many schools require IQ or other Cognitive testing for school admission. Our school IQ assessments are typically done in the afternoons, with occassional morning appointments available on request. Length of assessment depends on the Childs age, but can typically be completed in an afternoon. Most kids really enjoy these testing sessions as they are engaging & stimulating!


Educational Placement

Have you ever wondered if your child would do best in a smaller classroom with a flexible learning style such as Montessori, alternative approaches such as Choice schools, or the more structured setting of public school? Do you think Private schools such as Open Window or Eastside Catholic may be the answer? Each of our educational placement assessments are suited to each child and the specific objectives you have. We look for learning styles, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and can recommend not only what type of learning environment would suit your child the most but also how to explore their strengths further and how to work on any weaknesses. We meet with many of the schools in the Seattle and Eastside and can help educate you on which school's learning environment may best suit your child. All of your assessments are confidential and are never shared with schools unless specifically requested by you.

Let Cogwheel Clinic find the best Learning style and
Educational Environment for your child to achieve their ultimate potential.