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Learning Disorder Therapies

at Cogwheel Clinic

What is a Language-Based Learning Disorder? Language-Based Learning Disorders (LBLD) refer to a spectrum of disorders that affect understanding and effectively using written and oral language. Sometimes referred to as dyslexia or specific reading impairment, children with LBLD may have difficulty with vocabulary, reading accurately or fluently, telling you what a story was about, spelling, or writing. Our speech-language pathologists address the relationship between sounds, language we use to share our ideas and tell our stories, and way written language is used.

What does Language-Literacy Therapy Look Like?

After evaluation, language-literacy therapy is individually crafted to address specific literacy needs. Some areas we provide services for include:

* Phonics/Orton Gillingham

* Word Recognition

* Reading Fluency

* Spelling

* The Writing Process

* Listening/Reading Comprehension

All therapies are hierarchical, evidence-based, multisensory, and may include the use of technology, art, music, or theater.


How does the process start?

The process of having Speech/Language services start with an intake and evaluation from one of our Speech and Language Pathologists. If you have a full evaluation from another clinic and are just seeking therapeutic services we are usually able to utilize those evaluations. After the evaluation a treatment plan will be developed based on the review of medical records, information collected during the intake meeting, and evaluation of your child. We will review the treatment plan with you and set-up services accordingly. Your speech pathologist will communicate with you to provide literacy “homework” to generalize goals, and to review progress and modify goals as needed. You can also connect with your therapist via phone and email to communicate with your child’s providers as needed.