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Mountain Academy focuses on social-emotional health, executive functioning, social skills and of course, meeting each child at their academic best. Each child begins with a neuropsychological learning profile that gives our team details of your child's learning style, problem solving style and interests, as well as knowledge about strengths and areas of growth. We utilize this information to tailor each child's curriculum.
Mountain Academy offers curriculums on various levels of math, science, language arts, social studies, health and gross motor movement.

middle school kids sitting on steps
students being taught

All of our curriculums have executive functioning skills embedded in them to teach kids the following critical skills:

  • Analyzing the type of problem and choosing which problem solving style fits best
  • Note taking
  • Studying Skills
  • Time Planning skills for both immediate work and long-term projects
  • Organization
  • Initiation of work
  • Double-checking work efficiently
  • Summarizing
  • Anxiety about work expectations

Mountain Academy does not assign homework as we believe that time at home should be spent with family and recharging for the next day. Since a lot of work is completed online, students can make-up work online for in-class work that has been missed due to illness, therapy sessions or other reasons. Because our student/teacher ratio is so balanced (4:1, 2:1 or 1:1, as needed for each student), we find that class time is more than sufficient to accomplish academics on par or above peers in general education classes without needing homework.

A typical day at Mountain Academy starts with Mindfulness, teaching each student to start the day in a calm, balanced way and checking in with where their mind and body is that day. This is an important life skill students will take with them to high school, college and beyond. Various independent work is interspersed with group learning, and life skills such as menu-planning and on-site cooking - students take turns planning, shopping and cooking each other lunch. Afternoons have independent work sessions and group learning, social skills and gross motor movement in our beautiful outdoor park setting. We offer additional after-hours for art, independent reading, and clubs.

Registration is open now! Please email us to arrange a visit or ask questions.