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Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

at Cogwheel Clinic

Pediatric occupational therapists help children to develop the underlying skills necessary for learning and performing the vast array of tasks that they encounter throughout childhood, aka their “childhood occupations.” Most childhood occupations revolve around play; however, they also include self-care skills, social-emotional and behavioral skills, overall physical motor development, and academic skills.

Additionally, OTs uniquely consider how the role a child’s sensory processing may play in development and performance. Assessing sensory awareness, sensory modulation, and sensory regulation differences may help identify key sensory integrations strategies and accommodations that allow a child to succeed and thrive throughout childhood.

The OT may assess and treat the following aspects of development:
· body awareness (proprioceptive sense)
· motor planning, coordination, and control
· bilateral coordination of movements between the two sides of the body (“crossing the midline”)
· fine motor control and organization for handwriting and object manipulation
· visual perceptual skills (hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness)
· self-regulation (emotional and sensory)
· sensory processing and modulation (detection of and reaction to different types of sensory stimuli)
· picky-eating (sensory exploration/ tolerance)
· executive functioning, sequencing, and organization

Occupational therapists not only work directly with the child, but also with the family, parents, and caregivers in order to educate, promote and reinforce specific skills and behaviors which then promote the child’s participation, performance, and functioning in all areas of their lives.

Please let us know if you have any questions of want to view our Sensory-Motor Gym.

For more information, please visit the articles source, the American Occupational Therapy Association.